NVGF the Netherlands cuts ties with LN
09 februari 2023 

NVGF the Netherlands cuts ties with LN

Public Statement 
NVGF the Netherlands cuts ties with representative LN, leader of representative office in China

“It has been brought to our attention that “LN” , who was authorized to represent NVGF Shenyang in China, engaged in fraudulent activities by presenting falsified Dutch bank statements and other fabricated documents related to a project initiative in which our association is involved. (We do not disclose the full name of the person in this statement due to privacy) This behavior was intended to mislead parties in China. 

After conducting an investigation into this matter, we have obtained evidence that confirms our suspicions of fraud and the spreading of false information by “LN”. This behavior is in direct violation of the values and principles of our association and is completely unacceptable, regardless of his motivations behind it. 

As a result of these findings, we have decided to terminate our relationship with “LN” and the affiliated representative office in China and revoked the authorization to represent NVGF in China. We have officially sent a termination letter and instructed him to cease any further use of the NVGF name, website, and any other related materials." 

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and would like to assure our partners and the public that we are taking all necessary measures to prevent such fraudulent activities from happening in the future. 

All future initiatives related to NVGF will be communicated directly by or through the Netherlands board of NVGF.nl. If you are approached without our authorization, please contact us directly first to verify the authorization.

We are grateful to those who brought this matter to our attention and encourage anyone with information regarding fraud or unethical behavior to reach out to us directly. We take these matters very seriously and will take appropriate action to maintain the integrity of our organization.” 

Thursday 9 February 2023
NVGF management board, The Netherlands