How to become a NVGF Member

Free Membership

  • Will be added to the mailing list for information about the latest NVGF developments and knowledge articles
  • Invitation to NVGF seminars (early bird reduced tariff)

Paid Membership

  • Will be actively updated about the latest news and opportunities
  • Invitation to NVGF seminars (reduced tariff)
  • Invited to NVGF special partner seminars in NL 

NVGF Partner

A NVGF partner is a member that actively joined the network and plays an active role in the network: E.g. Senior Advisor. See “Criteria NVGF Partner”

  • Opportunities to organise and share knowledge through the international NVGF network

Criteria NVGF Partner

Needs to be approved by the NVGF management in the Netherlands, please provide the following information and sent to email 

1.    Reason of the request, background information why this person wants to join

2.    We need all 9 member information (See “Member information)

3.    Person needs to provide his or her resume / CV

4.    Person needs to have proven credentials of knowledge, network or portfolio (Articles, videos, rewards, books etc.) 

5.   Person has no bad or negative reputation (clean, no criminal record etc.)

6.   Before you can become a NVGF partner, you participated one successful project with us in the past.

NVGF Representative Office AbroadSpecial case and conditions, needs review and approval by theNVGF management in the Netherlands

Membership information that is needed:1.    Family name *

2.    First name *

3.    Phone-number *

4.    E-mail address *

5.    Instant Messenger e.g. (WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat ID *)

6.    Profession / job title

7.    Company

8.    Company / personal address (Street, City, Province)

9.    Company / personal website